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The latest innovation in trackable links, designed by marketers, for marketers.

What is Stringly?

Stringly is a tool designed to help Marketers manage the ins-and-outs of lead source tracking through the use of tracking strings. We've created a scalable tool that will compliment your existing tracking and give you the felxibility and the data that you need, to help fulfill your reporting deepest reporting desires.

Designed for Marketers

Stringly is designed to centralize the governance of tracking strings and allow for a moe consistent, reportable, tracking experience.

Time saver

Save time by automating the integration of tracking strings into your marketing and outbound sales campaigns.

Integrated Solution

What good is another SAAS tool, if it doesn't play well with others? Stringly is designed to integrate flawlessly into Marketo, Google Analytics & More.


Access Stringly any time, anywhere, whether your at work or on the go, Stringly is always just a few taps away.

Easy to customize

Just like your marketing practices, your tracking practices are bound to evolve over time. That's why we've made Stringly so easy to customize.

Additional Insights

Stringly allows the marketer to take their tracking string practices to the next level. The ease of integration allows for more in-depth and consistent insights.


Marketo Integration

The key to successful marketing is being able to prooe ROI. Tracking strings allow for an additional layer of insights and attribution that allows marketers to confidently measure their successes.

Stringly's Marketo integration is designed to provide the least intrusive, interruptive process that will grant marketers the ability to include tracking string into their campaigns, easier than ever before.

Marketo + Stringly
  • Easily Embed Tracking Data Into Marketo Forms
  • Program Based Tracking Strings
  • URL Building/Shortening


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